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About Us

Formed in 2017, Elefant Tales to help promote the importance of using organic baby cotton clothing. Our children deserve the very best, but they also deserve the safest and most stylish clothing. To make this possible, we have worked to create outstanding quality organic cotton clothing for babies up to 12-months.
With all of our clothing made entirely from a natural fabric, we make sure that babies can enjoy a comfortable, natural clothing experience. With no dyes used on the clothing, this is free from any interference and makes sure that everyone can dress their children in our clothes without fear of reaction or irritation to the skin.
With all clothing tested thoroughly and independently by CPSC-certified labs for lead in paint and snaps, and was found to be entirely free of lead or Phthalates.
Our commitment to make children feel more comfortable from their earliest years will never fade. With products made to provide the best quality of comfort for first years than ever before, you can ensure that your young one enjoys a seamless start to their life!